Nigel Mintern

Managing Director, AV1

Nigel Mintern is the Managing Director of AV1, a leading Australian audio visual production company for events, where he brings over 18 years of expertise in corporate event production management. With a robust background as a Producer at AV1, Nigel has accumulated a wealth of experience designing and executing events and experiences for major corporate clients across diverse sectors. Nigel’s portfolio includes a specialisation in multi-city roadshows, national conferences, and international events, successfully delivering projects across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Vietnam, Shanghai, and China. His dedication to crafting unforgettable moments for event attendees is matched by his leadership of the exceptional AV1 team, a Certified B Corporation committed to environmental and social responsibility. In addition to his extensive practical experience, Nigel holds a MiniMBA in Leading High Performance Teams from Chief Maker, which has enriched his skills in organisational leadership, communication, and collaborative teamwork. Always eager to expand his knowledge and embrace new opportunities within the event industry, Nigel continues to drive AV1 towards new heights of innovation and client satisfaction.