Nicole White

Co-Founder, Rock and Roll Team Building & Vibrate Your Mind

Co-founder of Vibrate Your Mind, Nicole is a dedicated entrepreneur, on a mission with her business partner, Ciaran Gribbin, to create a lasting impact for individuals thriving in the corporate realm through the power of sound and music.

In 2016, Nicole’s drive for innovation led her to co-found Rock and Roll Team Building alongside Grammy-nominated songwriter, Ciaran Gribbin. This dynamic business offers interactive and entertaining team building activities for face-to-face business events in Australia and the United States. Additionally, Nicole and her team provide virtual solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, reaching clients across the globe. Nicole and Ciaran Gribbin are a dynamic driven partnership and are the two founders of Vibrate Your Mind.

Nicole’s passion for well-being and mental health is at the core of her work. Through her business ventures, she aims to promote the importance of ensuring the holistic well-being of individuals in the corporate world. Nicole believes that a harmonious balance between work and personal life is crucial for success and fulfillment.

Not content with merely achieving professional success, Nicole inspires those around her to live each day to the fullest. Her authentic voice and genuine compassion make her a beacon of inspiration for business professionals and individuals seeking an authentic, purpose-driven path.

Nicole White’s journey in the business events industry is a testament to her exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and relentless desire to make a difference. With her expertise and heartfelt commitment to well-being, Nicole continues to redefine the corporate events landscape through the wellbeing community of ‘Hold Space For Me’, leaving an indelible mark on the industry she passionately serves.


With an impressive 30-year career in the fast paced business events industry, Nicole has traversed the globe, delivering unparalleled high-end incentive travel programs for renowned global brands.

Having commenced her career in 1987, Nicole embarked on a remarkable journey, starting from the ground floor and steadily ascending through the ranks of the corporate events industry. Ultimately, she achieved the esteemed position of Australian General Manager of Events for BI WORLDWIDE, a testament to her unwavering dedication and exceptional skills.

Throughout her career in business events, Nicole has wholeheartedly devoted herself to incentive travel. With her wealth of experience in designing and executing high-end luxury global programs, Nicole has explored the far reaches of the world, catering to the needs of prestigious brands such as General Motors, Audi, Volvo, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Commonwealth Bank Australia, Schneider Electric, IBM, and many more.