Mandi Ford

Founder & Director, ES Concierge

I am the Founder and Director of ES Concierge & Co – Australia’s leading life and business concierge.

We work with high performing people and organisations to help make their best lives and businesses happen, everyday. We also produce exceptional collaborations and experiences with premium brands and culture leaders.

We’re driven by integrity, moved by excellence and inspired, by you.

Early in my global hospitality career, I found that I had a knack for finding creative solutions to problems, and even more importantly, knowing how to deliver on them. At ES we utilise a well-honed service delivery method that ensures we can meet any request. I’m proud of the fact we’re known for always saying “yes”.

My team and I are one of the most well-connected bespoke concierge services in Australia, helping clients ‘breathe’ by easing the pressure of everyday life and work.

Over the past year, we’ve now evolved into a well-tech business that leverages a powerful digital task management and communication platform, seamlessly connecting human service and with elegant technology, right in the palm of your hand.

One of my founding principles for the business was to be highly adaptable and agile to the needs of our clients – we will never be cookie cutter. Many of our principles are founded in our drive to simply be better every day. When working with our clients, we take the time to discover, listen and learn deeply. In my 20+ year experience, I find that it’s listening that always leads to the best and most enduring outcomes and relationships.

About ES Concierge & Co
ES is a life and business management house, specialising in highly personalised concierge services.

Our track record has exponentially grown over the years with articles in the Australian Financial Review and clients including Porsche Centre Melbourne, Gucci, CBRE, Australia Post, CBA, KPMG, KWM, Westpac and more recently Family Offices.

We offer six specialised service verticals:
• Life Concierge
• Founder Concierge
• Gift Concierge
• Business Concierge
• Team Concierge
• Essential X – premium experiences